Safety is who we are

To foster a safe work environment, a comprehensive safety program is essential. We appoint a dedicated Safety Manager and develop clear safety policies and procedures. All employees receive regular safety training and education, along with specialized training for high-risk tasks, ensure that the team is well-prepared.

In the event of emergencies or accidents, first aid training and well-defined emergency response protocols are indispensable. We work with diligence to comply with regulatory standards, such as those set by OSHA, which are crucial for a safe working environment.

Prioritizing safety through identification, comprehensive programs, personal accountability, proper equipment, collaboration, and compliance ensures a secure work environment for all involved in excavation operations.

Our Experiences

We’ve learned that fostering personal and team accountability among our team members is key to maintaining a safe workplace. Every day, we take pride in equipping our employees with top-notch safety gear and ensuring our equipment undergoes rigorous inspections.

Our Values & Certifications

At JHodge Enterprises, we uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and safety while proudly holding relevant certification in all our areas of expertise.

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What Our Clients Say

Verified Reviews

Great business to work with, can handle anything you throw at them. Highly Recommend

Luke Patten
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I felt lucky to find Alex and his team at J. Hodge Enterprises and have worked with them for a few years now.

I hire them for deliveries of structural dirt, all types of quarry rock, demolition, excavator work and their finish grading services.

They always get me what I need, and I appreciate their commitment to an extraordinary level of service. Plus, they’re just good guys.


We have had a great experience with J Hodge. They have always done what they said they would do and did it on time

Jack Polland