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  • At J Hodge Enterprises, we’re always on the lookout for innovative solutions to improve our excavation operations. That’s why we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the latest technology, integrating GPS grading systems into our heavy equipment fleet. This move has enabled us to achieve unparalleled precision and speed in our projects, thanks to automatic leveling and real-time data feedback capabilities. With this cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we’re not just raising the bar for efficiency and accuracy in the industry—we’re setting a whole new standard. Our strategic adoption of advanced technology reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in everything we do.

For a more in depth look into our GPS Grading Technology:

Machine Control GPS Grading Systems:
– Installed in heavy equipment to enhance efficiency.
– Improves cut and fill process by up to 10 times compared to traditional staking methods.
– Features:
-Operator display for real-time information on cut or fill requirements.
-GPS sensors at blade position for accurate data.
-Auto-positioning of blade near final grade.
-On-board computer for analyzing design elevation and providing visual aids for accuracy.

Benefits of GPS Grading Systems:
– Cost-cutting:
– Eliminates need for surveyors in challenging terrain.
– Reduces fuel consumption.
– Enhanced competitiveness during bidding due to reduced working time and resources.
– Decreases on-site staking requirements and waiting time for operators.
– Eliminates need for multiple stakings in areas with large cut volumes.
– Reduces stake-related costs (e.g., replacement).
– Ensures accurate final grading (dependent on equipment accuracy and data input).
– Improves worksite safety by minimizing worker proximity to heavy equipment.


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Great business to work with, can handle anything you throw at them. Highly Recommend

Luke Patten
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I felt lucky to find Alex and his team at J. Hodge Enterprises and have worked with them for a few years now.

I hire them for deliveries of structural dirt, all types of quarry rock, demolition, excavator work and their finish grading services.

They always get me what I need, and I appreciate their commitment to an extraordinary level of service. Plus, they’re just good guys.


We have had a great experience with J Hodge. They have always done what they said they would do and did it on time

Jack Polland